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Sarah Verhulst Discussion Questions Forensic Psychology 09/13/07 Antisocial Personality Disorder 1. In Chapter 1 there are two descriptions of what a sociopath is and what a psychopath is, what are the implications of both? 2. There are three factors of socialization on pg 8, what might a person with APD lack in each category? 3. Discuss the concept of conscientiousness vs. criminality. 4. Examine figure 1.1 on page 11 and the text on pages 11-12. Discuss each
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Unformatted text preview: socialization type and the impact of Parenting and Socialization has on each one. 5. There are three parenting styles discussed on pages 14-15. What are the implications of each as they related to APD? 6. After answering 1-5, derive an opinion of how much responsibility, if any, a parent should take for their children’s criminal or anti- social behavior....
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