SED TEST 2 - SED 101 Study Guide Exam 2 Topics What...

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SED 101 Study Guide Exam 2 Topics: What agencies offer GT services? (416) Cluster grouping- assigning 3-6 students who are GT to same gen ed classroom All school enrichment – addressing the top 20 percent of students in a school though specialized instruction in small groups Accelerative method- starting kindergarten or college early, skipping grades Magnet schools, charter schools, self contained classes- drawing students together who are gifted and talented Review video notes on Lauren, Sarah, Jonathan Lauren- ADHD Johnathan- Savant or little boy with speech impediment Sarah - black little girl with the speech impairment she could think but couldn’t speak Recognize multiple intelligences Linguistic- sensitivity to sound, rhythm, meaning of language 2. Logico- mathematical- sensitivity to logical and numerical patterns 3. Musical-ability to produce and appreciate pitch, rhythm, and melody 4. Spatial- ability to perceive, mentally transform, and recreate visuospatial world accurately * Table 9.1 Text p.228 7. Interpersonal- ability to detect and respong to moods and intentions of others 8. Intrapersonal- Ability to discriminate own feelings, strengths, desires, and use them to guide behavior 9. Existential- considering ultimate issues (purpose of life) Receptive language/Expressive language Receptive language - difficulty receiving or understanding information Expressive language- difficulty formulating ideas and information What curriculum adaptations should teachers use with LD? Universal Design for learning- advance organizers Providing visual or graphic organizers to accompany oral presentations
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Incorporating the use of models, demonstrations, or role play Using teacher presentations cues (gesture, visual, verbal) to emphasize key points Scaffolding key concepts to be learned Getting students more involved in the learning process though the implementation of every pupil response techniques or the incorporation of manipulative for student use What is MA in IQ testing? Mental age Review what an AAC system can include An augmmentive communication- an electronic device used to aid language stimulation, and emphasizes certain words and helps with language communication. Provides feedback and is a coaching tool Graphic organizer What are myths about causes of ADHD? Entertainment, sugar, poor discipline LD terms: Dysgraphia, dyslexia etc. Dysgraphia- a partial inability to remember how to make certain handwriting symbols Dyslexia- having severe difficulty in reading Dyscalculia- poor understanding of math Metacognition- knowing how you think and learn What is included in multimodal plans for ADHD? Medication and other behaviorally oriented treatments p.197
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SED TEST 2 - SED 101 Study Guide Exam 2 Topics What...

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