The Canterbury Tales Characters

The Canterbury Tales Characters - Wants to cash in on...

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The Canterbury Tales Characters The Knight Host admires the Knight Four main qualities: o Love of ideal Prowess Fidelity Reputation Generosity Refinement o Impressive military career Fought in Crusades Battled the Muslims in Egypt, Spain, and Turkey o His manner o The way he dressed Coarse cloth tunic The Pardoner A dubious profession o Receive indulgences Paid by the church to offer the indulgences o Pocketed the penitents’ charitable donations Presents himself as ambiguous gender and sexual orientation o Unsure if he’s homosexual or castrated
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Unformatted text preview: Wants to cash in on religion in any way he can o Sells materials The Wife of Bath Has a lot of experience Travelled all over the world on pilgrimages Has had five husbands Seen the world and experienced the world Rich and tasteful o Clothes demonstrate how rich she is From Bath o Shows how rich she is o Talents as a seamstress and her stylish garments Argumentative and enjoys talking o Intelligent in commonsense Learned how to provide for herself Uses her body as a bargaining tool...
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