A Lost, Magical place

A Lost, Magical place - Oscar Alvarado A Lost, Magical...

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Oscar Alvarado A Lost, Magical Place It’s incredible how the human mind works, how it develops as the time passes, as we go through new experiences, as we keep learning new things. Moreover it’s amazing yet intricate how such a relatively small organ inside our skull is responsible for most of our movements, how it gives, controls, and even takes away, our lives, and how it has the power to capture a picture, a moment, or just any memory, and hold it for years and years without forgetting it nor losing any single of its hundreds of details. That is the power of the brain, however that is greatly affected by our mind. It is our mind that chooses what we believe in, what we fight for, what memory do we wish to keep intact for the next 60 years; it is what really gives us our age and what distinguishes us between a child and an adult. It is my mind that’s the sole culprit of me seeing that magical childhood place of “grandma’s house” through the same eyes, but with a very different perspective. The memories are still there, as clear as if it were yesterday, and although I’ve come across some things I didn’t know before, I am no longer able to enjoy all the charms that the house has as good as I did when I was a child. When I was a child (and my mind wasn’t as obnoxious as it is now), I used to spend most of the time at my grandmother’s house. It was a huge three-story mansion
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A Lost, Magical place - Oscar Alvarado A Lost, Magical...

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