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Boys and Toys - Oscar Alvarado Boys and Toys Pg 405#1 Red...

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Oscar Alvarado Boys and Toys Pg. 405 #1 Red and blue, Barbies and action figures, tee cups and guns, cooking and sports, all of these are just a few examples of the differences in a girl and a boy’s preferences. A lot of people believe that the children get these preferences from their hormones and genetics. However, what these people often fail to recognize is how greatly affected are the kids by their surroundings (the media, adults, and basically the way society works today). Toys play a big role in a kid’s growing up; besides being fun and providing entertainment, they are fundamental to have –or at least that’s what society depicts. Nonetheless, a toy really is one of society’s hundreds of tools to enforce proper sex behavior and define masculinity and femininity to children. I, like most of the other kids, was a victim of this attack by society. I didn’t have much of a defense against it because as a kid, as you might know, all you can do is accept the things that are being forced upon you. You never bother to think what’s going on, and if you did care to do so, it would be futile since you simply would be ‘ too young to understand’. So I had no choice but to gladly accept the toys that were given to me. Typically enough, the first toy that I had (and can remember of) was a big plastic fire truck that was given to me by my dad. It was huge, red, it had a big ladder and lots of picture designs, which made it look flamboyant and I suppose it was appealing to my eyes. However, a doll with as many things on it as the fire truck would have also caught my eyes, especially because when you’re that young, all you want to see is colors and new things that look complicated. I know this because I could get my three year-old brother’s attention with anything new, colorful, or anything that made sounds: keys, any colorful 1
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Boys and Toys - Oscar Alvarado Boys and Toys Pg 405#1 Red...

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