christmas - Oscar Alvarado Christmas p. 260, #1. I always...

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Oscar Alvarado Christmas p. 260, #1. I always was, and still am, a Christmas guy. It has always been my favorite time of the year due to its charming and delightful characteristics: all the presents that I got on Christmas eve from all of my relatives and from “ baby Jesus” , the good times you spend with your family, and last but not least, the incredible food that a grandma with years of experience can cook. These are the reasons why I never spent a single Christmas at my home, or at any other place –the same reasons that made ‘Christmas at grandma’s’ an unofficial family tradition. I really don’t know how it all started. I just remember that one day when I was old enough to think about something else besides games and toys, I suddenly woke up and realized: “Hey! How come we never spend Christmas with my dad’s family?” and from there I arrived at a conclusion that answered my question and made sense. My dad’s family was huge –they were nine siblings, and half of them had at least two sons. They spent Christmas in my grandmother’s small apartment, which was located in the capital city of Venezuela and could hold comfortably about six people. Needless to say, it wasn’t very enjoyable for me to spend Christmas cramped in a small apartment where every adult, aunt, uncle, etc., was drinking and where all of my cousins present were either too young or too old for me. However, I have grown now, and I often think I should reconsider where I’m spending Christmas again, perhaps now I could have a good time with all of the adults and the whole atmosphere of the place. Unfortunately, the fact that all my life I’ve been spending Christmases at 1
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christmas - Oscar Alvarado Christmas p. 260, #1. I always...

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