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1. Velocity 2. Note number, duration, start time 3. Sixteenth note 4. PPQN 5. Enter individual MIDI notes events in a sequencer 6. Midi data is recorded in a software instrument track 7. Audio recording capabilities 8. Bars and beats, absolute time 9. All 10. Redrum 11. The nn-xt can play audio files whereas subtractor plays only simple geometric waveforms 12. Redrum 13. Reason factory sound bank 14. 32 15. patter based sequencing, variable quantization strength
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Unformatted text preview: 16. with the simple entry tool you use the mouse to insert tool 17. quantization 18. record and edit musical performance, performances beyond skill (cant video cant podcast) 19. velocity 20. 128 21. 128 22. audio 23. note length 24. pan position, volume,, parameters on reason 25. USB 26. Audio midi setup 27. Pitch bend, control range 28. A click 29. Velocity, Duration, note number 30. melodyne...
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