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Textual Analysis - Oscar Alvarado Textual Analysis In Neal...

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Oscar Alvarado Textual Analysis In Neal Gabler’s essay, ‘Inside Every Superhero Lurks a Nerd’, he gives his analysis on why the movie Spider-Man had such a “ record-breaking ” success and why it “ entrenched itself in the popular culture” so quickly –specially in teenagers. Gabler immediately points out on the second paragraph that to understand this phenomenon we have to go beyond common factors such as its hype, release time, branding, and general marketing. He proceeds to end his introduction with a clear thesis statement: “ Spider-Man exists at the nexus and confluence of two American rites: adolescence and moviegoing.” In general, I believe that Gabler has a strong thesis and a very well developed essay filled with great supporting ideas, and although I think that there are a few things that he fails to mention or quickly disregards in his essay, I agree with his thesis statement to a large extent. One of Gabler’s arguments is how the audience is attracted to the plot of the movie itself: “ He is transformed from an outcast into the toughest kid in the school. No wonder teenagers respond.” This is a great supporting idea because it is an everyday reality –there are ‘outcast’ kids everywhere, and they all have a dream of becoming tough, popular, and/or just recognized. However, what ‘outcast’ really means in this context is having a sense of “powerlessness” –something that everybody has experienced in their teenage years and therefore they feel identified with. Besides being an excellent point, what really captured me as a reader –and yet 1
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Textual Analysis - Oscar Alvarado Textual Analysis In Neal...

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