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Charlie Adkins 2 - Adki ns 1 Charlie Adkins Dr. Witherspoon...

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Unformatted text preview: Adki ns 1 Charlie Adkins Dr. Witherspoon English 2030 Mar. 14, 2008 Zeus and his Godess(es) Zeus, ruler of the ancient Greek gods, oversaw the conduct of civilized life in Greece as well as atop Mount Olympus. Zeus was looked upon as a beacon of right, justice, and morals by mortals and gods alike. Unfortunately, Zeus morality was never very apparent, as evidenced by all the extramarital affairs and adulterous flings he had while married, as well as some bizarre behavior towards some of the people he was married to. Legend has it that Metis, the goddess of prudence, was Zeus first love. The story goes that Zeus met her beside a lake, where she was bathing nude. When he heard her name, he knew her to be the daughter of titans Okeanos and Tethys, and was widely known to be the wisest person among gods or men. He decided he would marry her. At first she spurned his advances, but after a long courtship, she gave in and married Zeus. A few months after the marriage, Gaia (Earth) began to talk to Zeus about Metis. He was told that while Metis was currently carrying a daughter in her womb, she would soon bear a son who would overthrow him. Zeus, knowing that he would have to get rid of the love of his life, couldnt bear the thought of taking her life with his hands. So he ate her. About nine months later, Zeus got a terrible headache. Hephaestus, whom Zeus new wife (and old sister) Hera had to spite him for getting another woman pregnant (and let the record Adki ns 2 show that Zeus got over his heartache pretty quickly), was called upon by Zeus to come split his head open with an axe. When Hephaestus obliged, out popped Athena, Zeus daughter by way of the devoured Metis and goddess of War. Hephaestus would later be cast out from Mount Olympus for helping Hera after she had a fight with her husband and was hung from Mount Olympus by two anvils and a golden chain....
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Charlie Adkins 2 - Adki ns 1 Charlie Adkins Dr. Witherspoon...

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