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Cassady Jared Cassady 2/8/2008 American History Dr. Kelley Heroes and American Icons America is what is today because of what Benjamin Franklin, Andrew Jackson, and Abraham Lincoln brought this country. When it comes to American Heroes and Icons they took many steps that they took to give us the freedom we have today. We should reflect on what our forefathers have given us and that they have shown us a way that we should live by. These men have strongly influenced our lives. Benjamin Franklin is one of the most recognized founding father of the United States of America. Franklin was an author, printer, politician, scientist, inventor, statesmen, and diplomat. Franklin put together the first public library and volunteer fire departments. He first learned about printing and writing from his older brother. When he was fifteen his brother denied Ben the ability to write for his paper so Franklin came up with a way to still write in the paper he made up Mrs. Silence Dogood who would voice her opinion on anything. Benjamin knew that he had a gift and he also knew that his calling was not in Boston which is where he was born he packed up his stuff and moved to Philadelphia only at the age of seventeen. When Franklin arrived at Philedlia he started his own paper called the “Philadelphia Gazette”. In 1731Benjamin Franklin was initiated into the Freemason Society. Franklin also edited and published the first Masonic book. At this point in his 1
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Cassady life he was on the right track for being one of our founding fathers he set the tone of the freemasons which are still around today. Benjamin Franklin created a lot of inventions such as the bifocal glasses, Franklin
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Cassady - Cassady Jared Cassady 2/8/2008 American History...

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