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history final - Johnson Political insider Takes post war...

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Johnson Political insider Takes post war liberalism to the highest point Great society legslation o Based on a speech make by Johnson The largest expansion of oversight since the new deal o Economy booming at the time Unlikely kennedy could achieve the same He is reelected and believes that he has a mandate o This is when he rolled out the great society legislation o Government has to manage the economy Johnson created a food stamp program o Operates within the system o Co sponsored by bob dole A republican form Kansas Would boost Kansas bread sales Johnson creates Medicade and Medicare o Medicade Health care for the poor o Medicare Healthcare for the elderly Like food stamps operates within the system Civil rights legislation o 1964 civil rights act outlaws segregation in public buildings makes it illegal to hire on discrimination o 1965 voting rights act
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tears down disfranchisement cant use the poll tax, literacy requirement, and grandfather clause tells the south in areas where there are low number of black registration the government will investigate 65% of blacks register to vote o neither one of the bills can destroy racism restaurants did not post prices and charged blacks more private schools were created
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