hist notes 9-24 - 9-24-073rdUnifying Experience Bond to...

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Unformatted text preview: 9-24-073rdUnifying Experience Bond to England (continued from last time) They will feel this bond in the realm of trade. They will be forcedto comply by rules of trade that England will imply onto them. They will receive military protection in return for obeying. However, colonists feel like theyre being imposedoWill resort to smuggling The British government will continually conflict with the colonies in the 18thcentury 1720s colonial assemblies will win the right to initiate legislationoBecause of the lack of communication they will begin to retify laws and legislate without permissionIt will teach the colonies that power for the colonies does NOT just belong to Britain.Britain cant do too much about it.CHAPTER 6 ----------------------------------------------The French and Indian War (1754 -- 1763) Is part of a larger war (the seven years war) between france and England.oThey are struggling over who will be king of trade.oAnd whos navy will be the most powerful. In the U.S., the French and Indian war will wage between three groupsoThe English (including colonists)oThe FrenchoThe Indians (Iraqoui confederacy) England will win the French and Indian war and will place themselves as the rule in the U.S. Up until 1700s French and English coexist in U.S. peacefully until conflict arisesoEnglish will set up an array of missions, territories, communities, and trading posts in their areas.They region defined by Montreal, New Orleans, Quebec (center of French operations in N. Amer), and Detriot. Ohio Company 1747, apply for a charteroLaurence and Augustine Washington, older half-brothers of George WashingtonoPurpose is to settle the Ohio River VallyoProblem is that the French are already there and will not take...
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hist notes 9-24 - 9-24-073rdUnifying Experience Bond to...

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