hist notes 10-1 - 10-1-07 First Continental Congress...

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10-1-07 First Continental Congress Minutemen begin to drill and prepare themselves o They just want to be ready in case Britain takes military action 1775 Spring – General Thomas Gage marches some men to ammunition to concord o Gage was hoping to implement a surprise attack o Paul Revere Silversmith foiled Gage by forewarning colonists Gage is attacked at Lexington and the ammunition is moved o So, the British troops make their way back to Boston where they are ambushed w/ guerilla warfare all the way back British suffered 217 casualties o This is the beginning of the revolutionary war Music of the Revolutionary War Music is important to society and the culture in which it is made Music also changes as society changes in order to reflect what is going on o For example, the music of the 60s is similar to the political things happening there Music from different cultures shape/borrow from eachother Music reflects the concerns of people in a society (economic, artistic, political, etc) o It also binds people together America’s music today reflects the nations diversity o
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hist notes 10-1 - 10-1-07 First Continental Congress...

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