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hist notes 10-5 - Gentleman Johnny Continentals are going...

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10-5-07 Gentleman Johnny Continentals are going to come together under the commander of General Gates Sept 19, 1777 -- They will easily see Johnny’s parade coming towards Saratoga Gates sends out Benedict Arnold with some of the colonial militia o Arnold becomes a war hero fighting for the continentals o He gets his men to hide in the trees and launches surprise attacks on the British. The British will have way more casualties than what they planned on So they turn back and heard towards Canada o On his way back, Burgion surrenders his entire army to Gates who was waiting for him France enters the war Continentals are in need of help so they send for help to Paris Among the three delegates is Benjamin Franklin o He is a “rock star” over in France The perisians see him as the “American Innocent” Simplistic, quaint o They capitalize on his images (such as on snuff boxes and chamber pots) o In 1778, a treaty of commerce and friendship (an alliance) will be signed with France. Congress approves of the treaty in May This means another country is recognizing America as an independent country o The treaty is an agreement between America and France to accept nothing less than complete and total independence May 1778 – Howe will be replaced with Sir. Henry Clinton Clinton gives the orders to pull troops out of Philadelphia and moves them to New York o This will cost the British in the end In the winter off 1777-1778 George Washington and his troops will be in Valley Forge They will be starving becausethere is no food, freezing, and “hating those stinking British” It’s estimated that 11,000 of those soldiers, 2,500 will die from natural hardships In the Spring of 1778 the Continental army gets supplies and the Baron Von Steuben o The Baron’s job is to whip the continental army into shape
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10-5-07 o He drills them relentlessly to turn them into proper soldiers o Rebel troops learn how to march and handle weapons efficiently At this point the Continental Army begins to feel a sense of pride.
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