hist notes 11-16 - 11-16-07 Plantation Mistress o...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-16-07 Plantation Mistress o Responsibilities Nurse Oversaw the making of clothing (or made it themselves) Tended the garden Care for the poultry (food preparation) Supervised and planned the work of all domestic slaves o They were unhappy about having to work they way they did o Miscegenation the mixing of two races o Lived off the slave system They were not going to buck the system They were dependant on it Yeoman Farmers o Semi-sustenance Did not own slaves Worked the land with their wives and children 80% of this population owned land, the other 20% were tenant farmers They raised Corn Hogs A little tobacco A little cotton They sold extra for refined sugar, salt, and coffee o They were not poor, but never had a lot of money Could not afford technological innovations o Although they envied white plantation owners, they would not fight for it because they wanted to uphold white supremacy o No class conflict racism and fear unified This kept the Yeoman Farmers in check Poor Whites o These are individuals confined to land that nobody else wants Swamps Heavily forested areas o Squatters, illiterate, malnourished Least efficient Lived in crude structures like chinked log cabins Lived in poverty Had hookworm Diet comprised of corn, whisky, etc Slaves o Most had Sundays off and worked about half the day on Saturdays o Reality they did not own themselves, someone else owned them It was not just physical enslavement 11-16-07 Slaves were distinguished on the basis of color o House servants the upper-crust category o Drivers a select two or three o Field Hands majority of slaves fell into this category They were both men and women You would work from SR to SS and ate at 12pm (15-16 hrs a day) o Rewards and Punishments Rewarded slaves with money, food, time off, or a pass Punishments included denial of a pass, less food, (the threat of) being sold, and being whipped ...
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hist notes 11-16 - 11-16-07 Plantation Mistress o...

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