hist notes 11-19 - 11-19-07SlavesoClothingThe master buys...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-19-07SlavesoClothingThe master buys rough, cheap, sturdy, cloth and gives the slaves 1 set of clothes for 2 yearsGave them 1 pair of shoesoHousingCommon slave lived in cramped housingCrude furniture and maybe a table and a chair (or two)Mattresses were filled with corn husks or strawoMedical CareMasters educated themselves medically so that they could treat the slavesAlmost no medical care was provided for slavesoLower Life ExpectancyNorth Americas slave population will be the only to increase naturallyThey will have a low life expectancy fromHard laborMalnutritionPoor medical careEtcSlave ResistanceoRebellion -- Most feared form of resistanceoNat Turner slave led the greatest rebellionWas given a lot of freedom during slavery such as learning to read and being able to preach to othersHad a vision that God was going to punish white people for what they were doing to slaves and that he was chosen to strike terrorHeres what happenedTurner and 6 others will murder Turners master and his entire familyThey will then gather 70 troops and in 48 hours will kill 57 white women, men, and children...
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hist notes 11-19 - 11-19-07SlavesoClothingThe master buys...

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