hist notes 11-12 - 11-12-07Chapter 12Self-made...

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Unformatted text preview: 11-12-07Chapter 12Self-made man₪LincolnoAdvance Whig and Republican ideologyoSupport the Union and EmancipationoAdvance Lincoln₪Booming national market economy₪Westward expansion₪Entrepreneurial Culture₪Cultural Heroes₪From family to individual achievementoLincoln left his family in 1831 @ the age of 22oHe will view himself as a strange, friendless, uneducated, and pennilessboy₪Rejected families, emotionally, and physicallyoLincoln rejected his family and origin₪Self-improvementoThis is when self-help content emerges₪Working to the top₪Transition from Family to IndividualoSelf-made men needed to leave home and educate themselvesoYou needed to become:Self-reliantFrugalIndustrious – sober and work hardLoyalHonestCompetitiveAn IndividualAmbitiousoYou go from manual labor to mental laborLincoln will have 10 different jobs until he becomes a lawyer₪Society was based on family, now it is based on individual success₪Lincoln contributes and draws on this methodImmigration₪Immigration booms from 1845 to 1854, a record in US historyoEconomy and freedom is attracting themoDeteriorating conditions in Europe is pushing them from their country₪IrishoPushed out of country by: famine...
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hist notes 11-12 - 11-12-07Chapter 12Self-made...

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