envi sci 2 - My Friday report is on the Tungurahua volcano...

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My Friday report is on the Tungurahua   volcano. Tungurahua means “throat of fire” It is a volcano located in northern Ecuador that recently erupted. All of Ecuador’s northern part is lined with volcanoes and is known as the “Avenue of Volcanoes.” There are 55 volcanoes on that part and approximately 17 of them are active. The land all around where the volcano erupted is said to look like a hardened gray shell. Some farmers who lost their land when the volcano erupted in August are now returning. They are breaking up the land that is concrete like and trying to replant their seeds to try to return o normal life. One farmer is even quoted as saying “I’m not giving in, success or death” Many are not willing to do that and are still refugees somewhere. Fortunately for the Ecuadorians the volcano didn’t hit the two pipelines that pump out 535,000 barrels of oil. The oil is their lifeblood of their economy, producing 2.3 billion dollars to the government. They go right through the volcano territory parallel to each other. Some people criticize the government for that and for other things because of how close they are building things near the danger zones of volcanoes.
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Ecuadoreans Learn to Live With Volcanos By GONZALO SOLANO, Associated Press Writer Sat Sep 30, 11:51 PMUPDATED 20 HOURS 33 MINUTES AGO BILBAO, Ecuador - On a once-lush landscape made wasteland overnight by the Tungurahua volcano, five members of the Meneses family raised picks and hoes in unison to strike at ash-encrusted earth.The land looks like concrete and is almost as hard. The Meneses returned home to replant their crops, only to find it takes backbreaking work just to crack a furrow in the hardened gray shell."I am not giving in," said Antonio Meneses, sprinkling a neat row of corn kernels into one narrow crack. "Success or
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envi sci 2 - My Friday report is on the Tungurahua volcano...

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