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Dan O Hara 4/12/07 6 th period Ms . Burgoon Literary Criticism The Lord of the Rings Trilogy J . R . R . Tolkien s The Lord of the Rings has been a publishing and literary phenomenon for half a century . Since its publication in 1954 - 55 , Tolkien s fantasy epic has sold more then fifty million copies . This epic tale makes you ask many questions . Can superhuman Power be used for good or does its exercise always addict the user and end badly ? Will nature rise in revolt against technology ? Would we find everlasting life a bore and a burden ? And the two most important themes that are represented are , what will you do in the pursuit of happiness ? and the how strong is the power of good and evil ? Hobbits are merry , good - natured folk who delight in simple pleasures: eating and drinking , pipe - smoking , gardening , wearing brightly colored clothing , attending parties , giving and receiving presents , and gathering at village pubs with friends and neighbors . They live uncomplicated rustic lives in close friendship with the earth ( Fellowship of the Ring p . 2 , dislike complex machinery , have no real government , and basically just take delight in the simple things of life . They have achieved happiness with the simpler lifestyle . O’Hara ~1~
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It can be reasoned why happiness is often associated with simpler lifestyle and a capacity to delight in simple pleasures . In his 1993 book The Pursuit of Happiness , psychologist David G . Myers summarized the results of thousands of recent scientific studies of happiness and well - being . He found that the most important factors that contribute to lasting happiness are: - fit and healthy lifestyle , - positive self - esteem , - feelings of control over our lives and our time
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goon essay - O'Hara ~1~ Dan O'Hara 4/12/07 6th period Ms....

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