The Remaining Tips for American Gov

The Remaining Tips for American Gov - The Remaining Tips...

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The Remaining Tips for American Gov’t Final Exam (with some terms that I added on to) Advisory – Advisory group selected by President to help make decisions WRONG - In general have little power today, actually I think the President’s advisory group does have significant influence on the president. I think this sentence referred to the cabinet heads, who don’t have as much power as they used to. Thesis – Don’t know this one, Do you know???? Success – The Primary Election, the key to success is momentum, It costs around $40 million to run a successful nominating campaign. During latter part of term, the president less successful. ********Success in Presidency is determined how much support received from Congress, the surrounding circumstances of the country, and public support Bureaucracy – The President appoints heads of bureaucracy with Senate approval Factors in Presidential Leadership: Cooperation of bureaucracy The Federal Bureaucracy administers the government, What is a Bureaucracy? A system of organization and control based on the principles of hierarchical authority, job specialization and formalized rules . 1. Is an Inevitable consequence of complexity and scale 2. Is expected to simultaneously respond to the direction of partisan officials to administer programs fairly and competently 3. Naturally take an “agency point of view” 4. Although it receives scrutiny from the 3 branches of Gov’t, bureaucrats are able to achieve power in their own right. *Note: The President and Members of Congress regularly depend on the Bureaucracy for their advice and guidance (because they are more trained/educated in their specific area) There are 5 main parts of the Bureaucracy: 1. President’s Cabinet Dept. 2. Independent Agencies
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The Remaining Tips for American Gov - The Remaining Tips...

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