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Notes for Engineering 110 - Notes for Engineering 110-3...

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Paul Skillin Class #1 Email for Micah: [email protected] Class #2 Nov 4 th – big meeting Blackboard has all kinds of shit on it. Daniel Walsh: Associate Dean of Engineering 13-271 X62131 [email protected] President – Warren Provost – Bill Durgan Dean- Dr. Mohammad? Dept Head B. Crochett Class #3 Registration priorities I’ve had so far: 6-8-1-12 Remember to take USCP Notes: look up stuff about minors/4+1 and see if they will talk about these things in this class (eng110) oh also about coops… look up the faculty advisor about the coop things as well as threw date for when the job people are here. Also look up IEP which is the international thing for cal poly. Look out on October 5 th on Dexter lawn. It smells bad today. Engineers are 1% creativity and 99% perspiration. I see…. Class #4 Look through other classes Bmed and general web site Look through student stuff then look through some upper division stuff that looks interesting and see if there are any pre requisites. What is an engineer: an engineer is a person who uses scientific knowledge to solve a need. Class #5 Favorite Quote “Fail Early, Fail Often.” First step of the design process: gather info about what you need to make based off of competitors results and customers’ needs Then you need to figure out how to do all that Then you need to see if that works (simulation a lot of the time, otherwise prototyping) Then make decision and implement it based off of results. In his words: Phase 0 – Product Research Phase ! – Design Exploration Phase 2 – Engineering Phase 3 – Manufacturing 1980’s Design Tools 1Computer-Aided Design (CAD) 2Finite Element Analysis (FEA) 1990’s Design Tools 1Solid Modeling 2Finite Element Analysis Rapid Prototyping Hw #3 is going to be online. Do a web search on glucose monitors, then give some guesses as to the limitations of a glucose monitor. Class # 6
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This note was uploaded on 04/13/2008 for the course ENGR 110 taught by Professor Cardinal during the Spring '08 term at Cal Poly.

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Notes for Engineering 110 - Notes for Engineering 110-3...

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