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Engr 111 notes - Engr 111 notes Day 1 Why I want to be an...

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Engr 111 notes Day 1 Why I want to be an engineer: I want to be a career with challenges which allow me to think and at the same time contribute to society. Engineers also tend to make more money than the average, so that’s something that counts as well. An Engineer: Applies knowledge of math and natural sciences, and principles of analysis and design, to the solution of problems and the development of… Functions: Research, development, design/invention, management, maintenance/technician, teaching, production, testing (quality control), sales, and consulting. FOR WEDNESDAY Review syllabus Get book and take a look at it. specifically chapter 2 figure 2.1 Different types of engineering here at cal poly: electrical, civil, biomed, areo, comp sci/engr, environmental, mechanical, materials, and industrial Day 2 “Engineering Solutions” Lesson Objectives: By end of class, you should be able to: 1 describe eq. step of engineering method 2 solve and present simple or complex problems in an ordinary and systematic way 3 explain why it is important to present solutions in a clear and logical fashion. Questions for Problems How important? Rough estimate ok? What resources? What theory to use? Are assumptions ok? Engineering Method 1.) Recognize and understand problem 2.) Accumulate data 3.) Selecting appropriate theory 4.) Assumptions (can switch with the above) 5.) Solve the problem 6.) Verify results Formatting/Problem Presentation (do this for all HW) 1) Problem statement 2) Diagram 3) Theory 4) Assumptions 5) Solution 6) ID solutions (put in box or underline) Day 3 Scott Hazewood Chapter Three Objectives: 1) Recognize importance of collecting, recording, plotting and interpreting technical data. 2) Practice methods of graphing for graphical presentation and analysis of plotted data 3) Determine equation that best fits the given data General Procedures for Graphing 1) Choose appropriate paper
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2) Draw axes a. Y axis- ordinate- dependent variable (what needs to be measured) b. X axis- abscissa- independent variable (what is fixed)
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Engr 111 notes - Engr 111 notes Day 1 Why I want to be an...

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