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Day 01 Powerpoint

Day 01 Powerpoint - 5 Does projects involving programming...

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1 Course Introduction and Engineering as a Profession Kristen O’Halloran Cardinal ENGR 111 January 7, 2008 The Path to Your Degree
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2 An Engineer Applies knowledge of math and natural sciences, and principles of analysis and design, to the solution of problems and the development of devices, structures, systems, or processes to help humankind Math and Natural Sciences?
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3 Which Cal Poly Engineering Discipline?... 1. Works on design and application of circuits, devices and systems for communication 2. Can specialize in areas such as transportation engineering or water resource engineering 3. Combines engineering expertise with medical needs to help enhance health care 4. Studies fluid motion around a body moving at speeds from subsonic to hypersonic
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Unformatted text preview: 5. Does projects involving programming languages or design of large software systems (Electrical) (Civil) (BMED) (Aerospace) (CS & SE) Which Cal Poly Engineering Discipline?. .. 1. Has cleaned up areas of oil spills by using controlled populations of bacteria 2. Applies solid mechanics, fluid mechanics, and thermodynamics in the design, manufacturing, and use of a wide range of equipment 3. Focuses on everything from steels for large bridges or buildings, to ultra-light, high-strength materials used in modern aerospace applications 4. Designs, installs, and improves systems that integrate people, technology, and information (Environmental) (Mechanical) (Materials) (Industrial)...
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