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In general, everything has become bigger and better since 2005. For the processors, the Pentium is no longer even an option and there are now options other then Intel available, like AMD for example. The monitors have evolved into widescreen flat screens but have remained generally the same size. The memory is what is really amazing considering that all of the old ones were around 200-300 MB where there are now some that are 3 GB! The hard drives have also more then tripled in some cases in there storage space. Even the optical drives have evolved, because when I was looking at all the options when I was researching I noticed that some even had Blu-ray options and other new technology. c. If I were a 2 year company I don’t think it would be as necessary to get the latest and
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Unformatted text preview: greatest technology as it would be if I were working for a 5 year company. Yes there are significant changes in two years, but these changes are not nearly as significant as the technological advancements that happen in 5 years. If I was working for the 5 year company I would believe it to be extremely necessary to get all of the upgrades that would benefit my job. I would also encourage my company to switch to a 2 year plan. They would potentially even save money and increase productivity if they did this because they would not have to buy the most expensive models, but would also continue to benefit from technological advancements and the lowered cost of them....
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