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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Study Guide Psychology 101 Chapter 9:...

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 9 Study Guide Psychology 101 Chapter 9: Memory and Consciousness Focus Questions and Answers Consciousness: experiencing of ones mental events in such a manner that one can report on them to others Memory: refers to all of the information in a persons mind and to the minds capacity to store and retrieve that information. 1) What are the main components of the so-called modal model of the mind? What is the purpose of such a model? The main components include the sensory memory, working (short-term) memory, and the long-term memory. It serves as a general framework for thinking and talking about the mind; it is simply a way of trying to make sense of the date from many behavioral studies Each store type is characterized by its function (the role it plays in the mind, its capacity (the amount of info it can hold at a given moment), and its duration (amount of time it can hold an item of info). The model specifies a set of control process: attention, rehearsal, encoding and retrieval 2) What is the function of sensory memory? Sensory memory is the ability to hold sensory input for a limited time (example: When someone says Youre not listening to me, you can still recall the last few words of what the person said) The function of the store is to hold on to sensory info long enough for it to be analyzed by unconscious mental processes and for a decision to be made about whether or not to bring that info into the next store, the working memory. 3) What are the basic functions of working memory, and how is this memory store equated with consciousness? In what way is working memory like the central processing unit of a computer? Working memory is the major workplace of the mind. It is the seat of conscious thought-the place where all conscious perceiving, feeling, comparing, computing, and reasoning take place Chapter 9 Study Guide Psychology 101 Its alternative name is called short-term memory: this is where info when fades quickly and is lost within seconds if not attended or thought about. It is similar to a central processing unit for that info can be transmitted into the computers long-term storage device such as a CD or the computers hard drive. 4) In the modal model, what is the function of long-term memory, and how is this memory store different from working memory?...
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Chapter 9 - Chapter 9 Study Guide Psychology 101 Chapter 9:...

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