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Culture_of_Fear - For example when it comes down to it...

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Barry Glassner: Culture of Fear Section: Marc de Jong Questions to ask when reading Culture of Fear: Why do media focus on certain stories and not others? - News worthiness (who is the audience?); “if it bleeds it leads” - News worthiness can also be determined by special interest groups or politicians who may lobby the media for political news coverage (news coverage motivated by politics), e.g. with statistics/data that may proof to be biased, skewed, or should really be understood in larger context. Who benefits from culture of fear? - Experts (e.g. road rage experts) - Politicians (e.g. during political elections) - Media (sales) What does culture of fear do? - It distract us from what we, according to Glassner, should be really looking at: social inequality, racism, sexism, homophobia, guns in society. - It also is form of scapegoating - Projection - Escapism What does culture of fear indicate?
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Unformatted text preview: - For example, when it comes down to it, black victims are still seen as less news worthy than white victims.- Single motherhood-fears ignore the role of father or the socio-economic situation that many single mothers live in.- Fear is never just ‘fear’, in most cases it is reflects and often covers up other concerns in society. • Does Glassner blame the media? - He does blame the media for buying in to certain hypes and spreading fears without checking the facts. However, the practices in the news-room may not allow much time for news people to be able to check the facts. Also, the media has to keep their audience in mind (sales) and what they are interested in. He doesn’t blame the media for that. • Glassner does blame guns for many of the violent crimes. • Provide examples of some of the fear ‘myths’ Glassner debunks....
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