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Heat Budget Questions

Heat Budget Questions - MARS 1010 Solar input heat budget...

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MARS 1010 - Solar input, heat budget, and climate Dr. Yager Read Chapter 7 in Sverdrup and Armbrust 1. Describe the layers of the Earth’s atmosphere and explain why it has the temperature profile that it does. See pg 178 chart. Outer space mesopause stratospause tropopause Mesosphere- the area between the mesopause and stratopause o Little mass o Little absorption of solar radiation o Very cold Stratosphere- the area between the stratopause and tropopause o Ozone absorbs ultraviolet radiation coming from sunlight o Ozone protects earth’s surface Troposphere- the area below the tropopause o Warmed from the surface of earth o Location of clouds. 2. What is the difference between short wave and long wave radiation? What gases in the atmosphere absorb each type of radiation? What wavelength of radiation is the atmosphere most transparent to? Short wave and long wave radiation? The increase of CO2 causes more long wave radiation to be absorbed in the atmosphere causing temperature increase.
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