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MARS 1010 - Outline Vertical Circulation and Science Fiction Reading Assignment: Finish up Chapter 8-9 in World’s Ocean, 9 th edition, Sverdrup and Armbrust 1. Identify and describe Mediterranean Intermediate Water (MIW). Why is it so salty? The MIW is the very salty but warm water that come out of the Mediterranean through the Strait of Gibraltur into the Atlantic. It drops to about 1000m deep and can be traced far out into the Atlantic Ocean. 2. What happens to MIW once it enters the Atlantic Ocean? It goes to the bottom even thought it is warmer than the Atlantic water. This is because it is much saltier. 3. Can saltier water exist (stably) over fresher water? How?
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Unformatted text preview: • 4. Can colder water exist (stably) over warmer water? How? • 5. What is the major system that carries heat through the Earth’s oceans? • 6. How are the formation of NADW and the global thermohaline circulation related? • The global thermohaline circulation is driven by the NADW. 7. How are climate shifts and the global thermohaline circulation related? Where did the Day After Tomorrow movie get the story right? Where did it get it wrong? • • The Day After tomorrow is inaccurate because the shutdown of global thermohaline circulation would take hundreds of years not 5 days....
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