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Mike Haigh English 112 Professor McDonald 2 December 2007 High Fidelity “High Fidelity” by Nick Hornby is a novel that has appeared on the big screen. Both the, movie and the book present the audience with different experiences. Because all the elements that make a book great can not be contained in one movie, the book overall is better. The book is thoroughly engaging and entirely entertaining. This is due to the Rob’s continuously introspective attitude conveyed in a humorous way. Additionally, the book is unique because of Rob’s endless lists and obsessiveness with music. The quirks of the characters in the book combined with Nick Hornby’s way of telling the story combine to make a book that is fantastic. The only problem with a movie being based off of a great book is because it is going to be compared to a great book. “High Fidelity” is no exception. The creative wit and diction of the book are not transferred into the movie. Thus the movie, while funny, does not match up to book. There are areas where the movie strays from the book. In the
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