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Mike Haigh Haigh 1 English 112 Professor McDonald 5 December 2007 Rob Uses Other Things in his Life to Define himself as a Person Nick Hornby, the author of High Fidelity , masterly presents the life of a thirty- six year old named Rob. Following the path of Rob’s life, the story mainly presents his effort to find himself as a person and also a sense of direction in life. Throughout the novel, Rob is a static person who is introverted, but not introspective. He lacks the development as a person to think of anything in a deeper sense than top five lists. Rob’s lack of development as a person causes him to use music and relationships to define himself. Rob’s shallowness as a person is revealed many times throughout the novel. The first clue that Rob may not be a deep person is his theory that it is not what is person is like, but what a person likes that matters. This thought shows that Rob only considers outer things to be important. He sees himself as an average guy who, as a result of music and women, has no direction or a sense of self. He says concerning himself, “If I do ok with women, it’s not because of the virtues I have, but because of the shadows I don’t have.” (p 29). Through saying this, Rob reveals that it is not anything that is in himself that appeals to other people, but because he is not a horrible person. These examples show Rob’s shallowness in evaluating both other people and himself.
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Haigh 2 Other than Rob having no sense of self, he shows himself to be a not well rounded person, by his constant immaturity. Rob’s immaturity is primarily revealed through his relationships. Continually, Rob can not commit to relationships. Whenever girls want to talk about anything of importance or commitment Rob either sabotages the relationship or gets mad like a child and will not talk. An example of how he sabotages relationships is shown with Laura. He proceeds to cheat on her and then he tells her that he is looking around for other women. However, Rob is not naive about his lack of development. In the shop when Rob is thinking about he, Dick and Barry’s progress as people, he says, “We got to adolescence and just stopped dead; we drew up the map then and left the boundaries exactly as they were.” (pg. 151). After realizing his own lack of development, Rob does nothing to fix that. The lack of motivation to improve further shows his inability to develop himself. Because of his inability to think anything deep, his immaturity and issues with women, and that he realizes his own lack of development, yet he does nothing to fix it, Rob is a static character who has no sense of who he truly is. Rob’s lack of development as a person causes him to use music to figure out who
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High FIDELTI TERM PAPER - Mike Haigh English 112 Professor...

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