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Culture - Practice what people do together i Appropriate...

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C ULTURE I. Culture is: a. Shared meaning b. Anthropologist Clifford Geertz’s “thick” description: “culture  is a web of significance that we ourselves have spun.” II. Characteristics of culture a. Culture is  collective i. When people share a cultural or meaning space, they  know it. They can talk to each other without having to  translate. b. Culture is  public i. Culture is a kind of  invisible brick wall . You smash  into it or people smash into each other when they are  not reading it correctly! III. Manifestations of culture a.
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Unformatted text preview: Practice : what people do together i. Appropriate and inappropriate behavior (not just spontaneous behavior). ii. There are forms of social behavior that glue people together. 1. The most common is language . b. Objects : these are concrete symbols that people recognize the same culture. c. Groupness (Identity) : culture is always tied to individuals seeing themselves and feeling themselves as parts of groups IV. In sum, Culture is a community of meaning. Politics and Culture, SOC 248/GOV 363...
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