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Brandon Ciolfi History 3000 Roman Architecture Roman Architecture is manifested mostly as in the forms of Arches, Temples and Theatres. These beautiful art pieces revives us the memory of great and legendary architects. These master pieces are a subject of architectural beauty and engineering skills simultaneously. It is really very difficult to classify them because of the varied purposes for which there foundations are set off. The Romans were the first to recognize the importance of this discipline that strongly influencing the needs of a nation. Before the Romans, the Architecture was restricted to the Royal families and it had served the gods. In comparison to the other at that time the Roman architecture is considered to be the most advanced and innovated. The Greek cultures of the Roman Empire laid the foundation for the Roman Empire. The Romans wanted to be like the Greeks. For example, the Romans made a monument of the Greek goddess Aphrodite. The Romans acknowledged the Greek art and architecture to be very well crafted. Since, the Romans like the persona of the Greeks; they used the Greek's ideas and crafted their own. That was the foundation of the Roman Empire. In 385 AD, the Roman Empire divided into the West-Roman Empire and the East-Roman Empire. These two Empires existed until 476 AD, when the Western Empire was invaded by the Goths. The Romans used the Greek architecture & style, and on the basis of that they created their own architecture style. Roman architecture is still well famous and retained its great value round the world. It is still seen in
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many places. It was the Romans who created the style of the pillars on the buildings. Architecture is a main component in the development of an Empire. The Romans took the word basilica from the Greek word basileus which means king. The original word basilica means a royal palace. However the Romans made the meaning as a center of businesses. However in the basilica, they also had administration meetings there. This shows that how the Romans based their businesses from the Greek way. The forums were unique not only because of its architecture, but also on how it represents freedom and it's a symbol of democracy to the Empire. The Romans had their own gods, but in 500 BC, the Romans get in touch with the Greek gods. As we know that Romans adopted and used many of the Greek's art, religious gods and architecture. Because of this, the Romans based their Empire on how the Greek's based their own. (Brown 2000) It is believed that the Arch a universal feature in civil buildings originated with the Architecture of Romans. The dome of Pantheon is a subject of new roman architectural style and the sense of innovation is quite beautifully depicted in it. The Roman Doric with a characteristic base and ornamental additions to the capital differs from the Greeks although it is derived from them. Deep studies revels the fact that the Corinthian order of the Greek artists were perfected and polished under the domains of the Romans. The composite capitals of the Romans combined
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Roman Architectue Paper - Brandon Ciolfi History 3000 Roman...

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