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The Book of the Dead - In order to be accepted by the gods...

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Brandon Ciolfi History 3000 The Book of the Dead 1) Ani himself becomes a god in the afterlife. Inscribed on the inner and outer coffin were hundreds of spells that enabled them to become Osiris after death. The purpose of all the chapters is that Ani has to prove himself to the other gods that he was worthy to enter the glorious afterlife in the heavens. 2) In The Weighting of the Heart, Ani heart will be weight on a scale. On one side of the scale is the heart of the deceased and on the other side is the feather of truth. They both must balance as evidence that the dead is worthy of going to the heavens. 3) The relationship between life in this world and life in the next is no different. They believe in immortality so death is just a temporary interruption in their lives.
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Unformatted text preview: In order to be accepted by the gods the deceased had to first do The Opening of the Mouth, Weighting of the heart, a presentation before Osiris, and then the purging of Guilt. Some acts that were considered sinful are causing someone to suffer, inflicting pain, murder anyone, and not steal. The moral codes in the book of the dead compared to the morality of today are similar because our understanding of what is right and what is wrong are the same. There are many gods mentioned in the book of the dead because one has to prove he is worthy of an afterlife to all of them. When a person dies their body, heart, and spiritual aspects are separated and so they mummify them and the spells are what help them come back together so they could enter the afterlife....
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