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1 Notes on Charles Chaplin’s City Lights (1931) Cast: Credits: Virginia Cherrill – a blind girl Florence Lee – the blind girl’s grandmother Harry Myers – an eccentric millionaire Al Ernest Garcia – the butler Hank Mann - a prizefighter Charles Chaplin - a tramp Plot Summary: Chaplin’s City Lights is a story about a tramp’s love for a blind girl selling flowers on a busy street who mistakes him for a rich man. Through a series of adventures with an eccentric millionaire who, when drunk, treats the tramp extremely kindly, but when sober fails even to recognize him, the tramp gets his hands on the money needed for an operation to restore the poor girl’s sight; whereupon he is arrested for theft and sentenced to prison. After he has done his time, he wanders around the city, alone and desolate; suddenly, he comes across a florist’s shop where he sees the girl. The operation was successful and she now runs a thriving business, but still awaits the Prince Charming of her dreams, whose chivalrous gift enabled her sight to be restored. Every time a handsome young customer enters her shop, she is filled with hope; and time and again she is disappointed upon hearing the voice. The tramp immediately recognizes her, whereas she does not recognize him, because all she knows of him is his voice and the touch of his hand: all she sees through the window of the flower shop is the ridiculous figure of a
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Notes on Charles Chaplin - 1 Notes on Charles Chaplin's...

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