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English 201 B2 Writing Assignment_3

English 201 B2 Writing Assignment_3 - English 201 B2...

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English 201 B2 Writing Assignment #3 Write a seven page research paper on one of the following topics in Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights . (If you would like to write on a different topic please run it by me before getting started.) The final draft is due at the beginning of class on Monday, April 14 th . You are not responsible for submitting copies of earlier drafts for this assignment but you are responsible for providing a close reading of the text , for following MLA format , and for including at least four secondary sources and a works cited page . The essay will be evaluated according to the criteria outlined in the syllabus. 1. Chaplin’s resistance to sound cinema is well known. With the success of The Jazz Singer in 1927, the first feature-length “talkie,” Chaplin was confronted with a formal innovation that threatened the popularity of his art. City Lights —his first film after the rise of sound cinema—can be read as a response to this formal innovation; indeed, we
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