Munm -test 3-Larson-Fall 2004

Munm -test 3-Larson-Fall 2004 - HISTORY OF AMERICAN JAZZ...

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HISTORY OF AMERICAN JAZZ  387  Fall 2004/Exam 4  Exam A ~ Muliiple Choice/True-False (True=A; FaIse=B) 1. This is exam: A) a (white) B) b (yellow) ~ 2. Thelonious Monk first gained attention: A) as Coleman Hawkins' pianist B} in the house band at Minton's C) at the Five Spot D) as pianist in the John Coltrane quartet A3.  Monk's playing style: A) sparse, percussive B) virtuoso C} introspective, cool D) classically - influenced 1C  4. Son-s. that have the same chord progression a:, "I Got Rhythm" are said to have 'rhythm changes'. A 5. His modern, orchestral big band included arrangers Gerry Mulligan and Gil Evans: A) Woody Herman B) Billy Eckstine C) Stan Kenton D) Gaude Thornhill 6. Regarded as the greatest scat singer in jazz history: A) Sarah Vaughan B) Eddie Jefferson C) EIIa Fitzgerald D) Billy Eckstine ~ 7. Often used melodic development improvisational technique: A) Clifford Brown B) Sonny RoIIins C) Miles Davis D) Norman Granz ~ 8. Identify the correct chronological order of appearance: A) cool, hard bop, free jazz B) hard bop, cool, free jazz C) cool, bebop, free jazz D) bebop, free jazz, hard bop 9. Lennie Tristano promoted concert tours and started two record companies. F10. The San Francisco jazz scene was centered on Central Avenue.
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This test prep was uploaded on 04/13/2008 for the course MUNM 387 taught by Professor Lawson during the Fall '07 term at UNL.

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Munm -test 3-Larson-Fall 2004 - HISTORY OF AMERICAN JAZZ...

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