Notes 3 - EUROPEAN RENAISSANCE: A REBIRTH? Europeans had...

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EUROPEAN RENAISSANCE: A REBIRTH? Europeans had been dormant RENAISSANCE ITALY, 14 th -16 th CENTURIES Urbanization due to plague Italy rebounded rather quickly Feudalism was never strong in Italy No strong monarch in Italy City-states grow and emerge o Naples- o Papal States-weak because the Pope wasn’t living there o Florence-ran by the Medici’s o Venice-ran by oligarchy, merchant families o Milan-ran by a Duke, absolute power FLORENCE: THE MEDICI FAMILY Textile merchants Expand beyond Italy by expanding their industry Started commerce and banking Middle class starting to fill in money gaps Gained wealth and political influence by lending money to Pope’s, King’s and Emperors WHAT WAS THE RENAISSANCE? A re-discovery Ancient Greek texts, Rome texts Thought humanity was being born again Believed ancient sources and texts could provide insight and information Machiavelli- big influence on Renaissance, tells his life with other people Renaissance scholars did not use Christianity for basis of texts Medieval scholars viewed ancient texts as flawed FOCUS ON RENAISSANCE Returning to ancient sources: Greek and Roman Middle ages a time of darkness, ignorance Tripartite division of history: ancient, medieval and modern Humanism: the Renaissance educational program Searched churches, libraries and monasteries for ancient, undiscovered sources Emphasized physical fitness as well Sharp body and sharp mind working together People are viewed as inherently good Laziness was the worst sin for Renaissance scholars LEON BATTISTA ALBERTI, ON THE FAMILY , 1432
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Believed humans were naturally good Worst sin was idleness Humans were born to learn things Accumulation of wealth was not sinful- no need to take a vow of poverty Alberti family helped fund Venice police force Less emphasis of lust as being sinful PICO DELLA MIRANDOLA, ORATION ON THE DIGNITY OF MAN , 1486 God created people to do whatever they want to do People are free to change their social status if they feel like it Renaissance stemmed from social differences RENAISSANCE ARTISTS Tried to improve realism and technique BOTTICELLI, THE BIRTH OF VENUS , 1482-1486 Try to draw out emotion of viewer DA VINCI, 1503-1506 Mathematics, engineering, poetry and botany Mona Lisa MICHAELANGELO, 1508-1512 Mad, temperamental Ceiling of Sistine Chapel at the Vatican Pope Julian II commissioned him David, focus on beauty, no ashame St. Peters Basilica, Rome, 1546, Center of the city POLITICS OF RENAISSANCE ITALY Italy overrun with foreign invaders King of France ushered in 60 years of war Italy torn apart NICCOLO MACHIAVELLI, THE PRINCE , 1513-1514 Writes The Prince in exile How a ruler should rule Better to be feared than loved Rulers should learn about ancient history- what to imitate, what to avoid Avoid being hated by own people
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Notes 3 - EUROPEAN RENAISSANCE: A REBIRTH? Europeans had...

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