MKTG Exam 3 Review

MKTG Exam 3 Review - MKTG 2800 Exam No. 3 Review Sheet...

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MKTG 2800 Exam No. 3 Review Sheet (From Ch. 6, 18-22) Please read all Chapters assigned for context and review lecture highlights and notes and know the following concepts/terms and be able to apply them as needed. Some items may be from previous exams for review and final preparation. The exam is T/F and MC. Note: Keep this sheet to review for the Final Exam. Chapter 18 and 19 Integrated marketing communications (IMC) (defined on pg 470; Chapter 18) -Integrated marketing communications is the concept of designing marketing communications programs that coordinate all promotional activities—advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations, and direct marketing—to provide a consistent message across all audiences The Communication Process (and components within it) (pg 470-472) -Encoding : The process of having the sender transform an idea into a set of symbols -Decoding : The process of having the receiver take a set of symbols, the message, and transform them back to an idea -Feedback : The sender’s interpretation of the response that indicates whether a message was decoded and understood as intended -Noise : Extraneous factors that can work against effective communication by distorting a message or the feedback received Promotional mix elements – along with advantages and disadvantages (pg 472-475) -Advertising : Any paid form of non personal communication about an organization, good, service, or idea by an identified sponsor
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-Personal Selling : The two-way flow of communication between a buyer and seller, designed to influence a person’s or group’s purchase decision, usually in face-to-face communication between sender and receiver -Public Relations : A form of communication management that seeks to influence the feelings, opinions, or beliefs held by customers, prospective customers, stockholders, suppliers, employees, and other publics about a company and its products -Sales Promotion : A short-term inducement of value offered to arouse interest in buying a good or service -Direct Marketing Promotional mix advantages and disadvantages (pg 472-475) Difference between advertising and public relations/publicity (pg 473-474) -Advertising is a paid form of non-personal communication about an organization, good, service or idea while publicity is a non-personal indirectly paid presentation of an organization, good, service or idea Promotion budgeting approaches (pg 483) Sales promotions options (pg 475) Promotional objectives (pg 482) -Awareness : The consumer’s ability to recognize an remember the product or brand name -Interest : An increase in the consumer’s desire to learn about some of the features of the
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MKTG Exam 3 Review - MKTG 2800 Exam No. 3 Review Sheet...

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