IAH 203 Notes 2 - b. Nicuesa claims Venezuela, attacked by...

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1/14/08 IAH 203 Notes #2 “Columbus and the ‘Discovery’ of America” 1. Everyone discovered America 2. Columbus a. Background – ideas of conquest after driving out the Moors, be the “Hidalgo,” wanted large area of land with native slaves b. Struggles to gain support c. Why he was supported d. His aims, Isabella’s aims 3. First Voyage a. The Bahamas and Hispanola b. The Arawaks c. Bad luck 4. Second Voyage (1493) – makes it to Venezuela and Columbia a. Disaster – colony of Isabella is in complete revolt, rival factions, famine, syphilis (New World Old World) b. Setting the scene for the settlement of the New World 5. Third Voyage (1498) – new governor arrives and sends Columbus back to Spain in chains a. Carib Indians – very aggressive 6. Fourth Voyage (1502) – shipwrecked off the shores of Jamaica, becomes mentally unstable 7. Other early explorers a. Ponce de Leon – fountain of youth, explored Florida (mostly Tampa Bay area)
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Unformatted text preview: b. Nicuesa claims Venezuela, attacked by Caribs, survivors end up in Panama c. Vasco Nunez de Balboa part of Nicuesas crew, travels across the Darien (isthmus of Panama), executes men of friendly native tribe for homosexuality, discovers Pacific Ocean d. Pedro Arias de Avila, Pedrarias Davila governor sent from Spain to govern Balboas settlement in Panama, executes Balboa for treason 8. Columbus an assessment a. Responsible for the deaths of almost an entire civilization b. Destruction of the environment (European agriculture vs. native agriculture) c. Destruction of nativecultures d. Brought Christianity to America e. Stopped the worst aspects of native culture (human sacrifice, etc.) f. Brought new food, animals, and education to the New World...
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IAH 203 Notes 2 - b. Nicuesa claims Venezuela, attacked by...

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