Notes 1 - ROBERT ALLEN WROTE WAR EAGLE Commissioned by Roy...

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ROBERT ALLEN WROTE WAR EAGLE Commissioned by Roy B. Sewell in 1954 Composed the same year Lyrics by Al Stillman Decision was made to use it in RBD’s office along with Hubert Liverman, music department chair Played for the first time by AU marching band on September 24, 1955--Auburn v. Chattanooga (AU won 15-6) OTHER SONGS BY ROBERT ALLEN AND AL STILLMAN Home for the Holidays You Alone Chances Are AUBURN ALMA MATER Composed by Bill Wood Words revised in 1960 to reflect the change from API to Auburn University ELEMENTS OF MUSIC Listening o Why listen--has an affect o Why like what you like o What exactly makes it enjoyable o What do you listen for MELODY: MUSICAL LINE The line, or tune in music Each is unique in contour (how it moves up and down) Each is unique in range (how high and low it goes) PITCH- a single tone INTERVAL- is the audible distance between two pitches PHRASES- units that make up a melody CADENCE- phrases that end on a resting place COUNTERMELODY- melody accompanied by a second melody RHYTHM- moves music forward in time BEAT- is the basic unit of rhythm. Divides time into equal segments ACCENTED- strong beat UNACCENTED- weak beat MEASURES- beats equally divided for the purpose of organization METER- organized patterns of musical pulses i.e. duple, triple SYNCOPATION- a deliberate upsetting of the normal pattern of accentuation, it is accomplished by shifting the accent to the weak beat HARMONY- describes simultaneous events in music
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CHORD- simultaneous sounding of three or more pitches (when intervals are together) based on scales SCALE- a collection of pitches arranged in a certain pattern in ascending or descending order-----major or minor scales DISSONANCE- the perceived instability or tension between two tones, dissonance resolves consonance TEXTURE- interweaving of melodic lines with harmony in music MONOPHONY- single pitched melody without accompany----simplest texture HETEROPHONY- refers to the multiple voices elaborating the same melody at the
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Notes 1 - ROBERT ALLEN WROTE WAR EAGLE Commissioned by Roy...

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