Notes 3 - THE CLASSICAL SYMPHONY One of the most...

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THE CLASSICAL SYMPHONY One of the most instrumental forms of the Classical period Derived from the Italian Opera Overture o First played to introduce opera o 3 sections (fast-slow-fast) o Early German symphonists added effects Hayden and Mozart added later THE EIGHTEENTH CENTURY CONCERTO AND SONATA Classical concerto o 3 movements (fast-slow-fast) o First is longest and most complex o Cadenza (solo passage in the manner of improvisation that, towards the end, interrupts the movement) WOMEN VIRTUOSOS Maria Theresa Paradis o Blind o Friend of Mozart o Pianist and organist o Remarkable music memory--memorized 60 concertos o Composer, but most works lost Maria Anna Mozart o Mozart’s sister o Pianist Barbara von Ployer o Student of Mozart o Pianist THE CLASSICAL SONATA Set for 1 or 2 solo instruments If 2, piano usually took the leading role Mozart and Beethoven treated 2 instruments equally Moonlight Sonata is the most famous and characteristics of new romantic styling CHORAL MUSIC AND OPERA IN THE CLASSICAL ERA Mass, Requiem and Oratorio were dominant forms Mass and Requiem eventually performed outside of religious venues OPERA Musical entertainment that reached the most people Opera Seria o From Baroque o Italian
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o Recitatives and aries designed for virtuosity of star singers and Aristocracy COMIC OPERA Need for more reality, simplicity, natural Christoph Willibald Glude Comic Opera o England--ballad, dialogue o Germany--singspiel o France--opera comique o Italy--opera buffa
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Notes 3 - THE CLASSICAL SYMPHONY One of the most...

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