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SOCIOLOGY- social behavior-interaction with, or respect to, other people HUMAN BEHAVIOR Biological/physical--muscles, organs Personality/psychological--mind Social--patterns of behavior Cultural--meaning BASIC SCIENCE- scientific work intended to help us understand the world APPLIED SCIENCE- scientific work intended to help us accomplish specific objectives SCIENCE VS. ETHICS Science--concerned with how the world actually operates Ethics--concerned with how the world ought to operate SYSTEM BASIC APPLIED Biological Biology Medicine Personality Psychology Psychiatry Social Sociology Economics Political Science Cultural Anthropology Philology/Linguistics ECONOMICS- science that studies the distribution of scarce resources POLITICAL SCIENCE- science that studies the distribution and use of power (large scale power) SUBFIELDS WITHIN ANTHROPOLOGY- smaller group with bigger focus Physical anthropology--study of structure and evolution of human body Linguistics--study of language and language groups Cultural Anthropology--study of human societies and social organizations Archeology--study of human societies on the basis of the physical residues they leave behind BRANCHES OF PSYCHOLOGY- the science of the mind Biopsychology--biological process affecting the mind Learning/Cognition--learning and thinking Personality/Social Psychology--effects on society on the individual, group process Developmental Psychology--psychological changes throughout the life span Clinical Psychology--mental illness and its treatment DEBUNKING Debunking--dispelling social myths Empirical--based on actual observations of the world Ex Post Facto--after the fact
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SOCIOLOGY VS. COMMON SENSE-- Paul Lazarsfeld, 1949 Conclusions o Common sense is a poor guide to truth o Empirical research is necessary for science DIALECTIC- simultaneous presence of mutually antagonistic phenomena FREE WILL VS. DETERMINISM- stochastic=random Free Will--there is a choice Determinism--outcomes (including behavior) are predetermined o Theology--How can there be sin if God is omnipotent o Physics--Does God play dice with the universe o Sociobiology--Is behavior determined PAROCHIALISM- limited understanding of how the world does or could operate due to the actors limited experiences in the world ETHNOCENTRICISM- the belief that your culture’s ways of doing things are the best
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Notes 1 - SOCIOLOGY-social behavior-interaction with or...

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