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Cause of Action: Negligence proved through res ipsa loquitur Title and Citation: Boyer v. Iowa High School Athletic Ass’n , 260 Iowa 1061, (1967) Procedural History: PL Boyer claims negligence on D and PL gets a verdict and judgment in its favor. The D then appealed. Facts: While at a sporting event in Iowa, PL was in the bleachers in which the D was in charge of the sporting event, it was under their management. The bleachers in which PL was sitting in were the type that would fold against the gymnasium wall when not in use. When the game was ending the bleachers folded back caused PL to fall 9 feet. Issue: Whether or not Iowa High School Ass’n is negligent for the malfunction of the bleachers causing Boyer to fall nine feet and sustain severe injuries. Holding and Rule: Yes. The D and its agents were in control of the bleachers at the time of the negligent act, as failure to inspect, which subsequently resulted in injury to PL.
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Unformatted text preview: Court’s Reasoning: There was no specific act done by the D to claim specific negligence. The act that caused the PL to fall was done while they were in control of the sporting event and was one in which it was inferred that they failed to properly inspect the bleachers. Under the doctrine of res ipsa loquitur they were found guilty. The argument that the only permissible conclusion to be drawn from the evidence is that the movement of the spectators at the end of the game caused the bleachers to collapse cannot be accepted. This conclusion would rest wholly on speculation. These is no evidence to support it. Limited control of the bleachers by the PL and other spectators does not make the doctrine of res ipsa loquitor inapplicable. Judgment and Order: Judgment affirmed Comments:...
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