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Dr. Harrison Handout on English 1302 Death of a Salesman Read "Tragedy and the Common Man" pages 1833-35. 1. How has Willy's neighborhood changed? 2. How does Willy feel about building things? About planting? About building with the firm? 3. What values does Willy instill in his sons? What does Biff steal? Why? 4. What does Willy mean by "being liked" and "being well liked"? 5. How do you explain the number of times and ways Willy contradicts himself? To what extent is he a hypocrite? 6. Who needs to grow up? How? Why haven't the characters ever been honest with themselves? 7. What is football's role in the play? 8. Why does Biff not finish school? 9. How does Bernard compare to Biff or to Happy? 10. Are there villains in the play? What literary conflicts do you note? 11. What is Ben's role in the play? 12. How would you summarize Linda's character? What does it mean that she darns stockings? How do you respond to her statement that "attention must be paid"? How do your interpret her assessments of
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