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Death March - Death March Donald Knox Honestly I find it...

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Death March Donald Knox Honestly I find it extremely difficult to comprehend what these brave men had to endure throughout the Death March. The average soldier’s age was close to mine, earlier twenties, and regardless of age none of these men deserved such inhumane and sadistic punishment. At the beginning everyone seemed relieved to finally stop fighting, fighting is hell enough, however, the Japanese would have had to either kill me on the spot if I would have known about how horrific the Death March would be. In the shape I am in today I do not think I would be able to last in the blistering Bataan sun; watching my fellow comrades drop like flies around me , with the constant stench of death in my nostrils. I have a weak stomach to begin with, so enduring what these courageous soldiers had do endure seems unfathomable to me. Also, if I was physically able to make the march, mentally I would’ve broken down, I probably
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