Midterm 2 Qs-1 - Midterm Exam: History of U.S. Women,...

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Midterm Exam: —in class, Wednesday, March 26, 2008— _____________________________________________________________ NO make-up exams except in dire circumstances Bring a BLUE BOOK to class with you Grammar is not important—but clarity IS. Make sure to make your points crystal clear Try to study with a group from class Make sure you get to class on time—there will be no extra time given. Take your time! Often, the worst exams are the ones turned in after only half an hour Two of the following questions will appear on the exam, each worth 50% of the midterm grade. Your essay should follow this format: a) State whether you agree or disagree with this statement. b) Demonstrate that you understand the aspects of each question. c) Support your argument by using at least THREE strong examples (these don’t have to be quotations), preferably selected from BOTH class readings and lectures, that illustrate your position. IMPORTANT : Be very specific about how each example supports your argument by taking time to analyze it. d) Provide a counter-argument: how could the opposite argument also be made? (Be sure to include one example.) e) Conclude by re-asserting why you feel that your position is more accurate. 1) The mostly-unchanged law of coverture actually made women’s lives harder in the Revolutionary era, when new ideas about personal independence simply did
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Midterm 2 Qs-1 - Midterm Exam: History of U.S. Women,...

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