Lab 3 - Valerie Henderson 9/17/07 Lab #3 Don't Spill the...

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Valerie Henderson 9/17/07 Lab #3 Don’t Spill the Beet Abstract: This lab tested the stress that is put on membranes when their environment changes. We used salt solutions, detergent and pH changes to change the environment of a beet cell soaked in each solution. We used spectrographs to measure the absorbance levels of the beet cells. The salt solutions seemed to be able to be absorbed by the beet cell at higher concentrations than the detergents and pH changes were. This experiment could be used to show the danger of detergent if they are used in laundry and the water ran straight to a stream or river. The detergent will kill the animals that body of water because it makes their biological membranes in their cells explode. Introduction: Purpose: The purpose of the investigation is to determine the effect and stress that various factors, such as osmotic balance, detergents and pH have on biological membranes. Justifications: This experiment demonstrates why we should not drink detergents, why we should not ingest substances that are too acidic like sulfuric acid or too basic like drain-o and why too much salt can kill plants. Hypothesis: In this experiment, the membranes of the beets will be damaged and the cells
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Lab 3 - Valerie Henderson 9/17/07 Lab #3 Don't Spill the...

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