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controverial ad - David Alexander Dr Carson Medley"You will...

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David Alexander Dr. Carson Medley “You will never find a feminist in a ship wreck, house fire, or hostage situation. No matter how much women argue that they deserve the same compensation men do, they will never put themselves on equal footing with a man. When there is a hostage situation, who do they bargain for first? Women and children. What the hell? Bullets hurt me too! I look at it this way: If there is a house fire and its women and children first, I deserve the dollar more per hour as an endangerment fee,” Bill Burr once described as laudable reason for the gender wage disparity. Fortunately, not many agree with this argument supporting the rampant unfair compensation for women. There are some key factors that caused women’s pay to be 23.5% less then men, according to 2004 statistics. A factor involved in the pay discrepancy is maternity leave; women are not paid for the time that they take off to birth and foster a child. There is also a difference in men and women’s choice occupational choice, not only in field of work, but years and hours worked. Men are more likely to be compensated more for working “dangerous jobs” – the 94% of on job deaths are male. Lastly, men tend to get more credit for their work and are viewed as more competent; this leads to promotions and higher pay. The Benetton Group, a clothing company and human rights advocator, is using its artistic medium to draw attention to hot button issues. The advertisement in question has the purpose of selling clothing, but draws
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controverial ad - David Alexander Dr Carson Medley"You will...

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