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David Alexander Carson Medley Greasy Lake Paper In the affluent suburb of Danville –a place where appearance meant everything– there was no single spot to do the things that disapproving adults looked down upon. However, my group of friends had a place of refuge. About two hours north was a summer house that smelled of freedom. It was a place where we could ride ATVs recklessly, play music as loud as we pleased, smoke weed until we couldn’t move –or had no desire– and drink beer till we passed out, threw up, or both. This place was Cloverdale and it was my group’s haven. The drive up was a winding two lane road through the back country of California, rolling foothills stretched as far as the eye could see. The riverside property was fence lined with a rusty lock and useless gate. Every trip we risked getting stranded –if the river flooded we would have been stuck in paradise for weeks. Once on the property navigating the steep inclines and hairpin turns was enough to make an adept driver question themselves. The fear of driving on a muddy makeshift path in a rear wheel drive Infiniti sedan made the arrival all the sweeter. Cloverdale was Nick’s summer house; tucked in the hills along the Bank of the Russian River – the house was erected amid massive oaks and spruce. This family heirloom had years of wear with clumsy, superficial cover- ups. The pot belly stove is most indicative of its age, a relic in an era of air
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greasylake - David Alexander Carson Medley Greasy Lake...

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