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Speech 3 outline - Name: Jason Price Class Time: W...

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Name: Jason Price Class Time: W 2:50-4:05 Date: March 18, 2008 Type of Outline: Problem Solution Design Form of Speech: Urging action beyond attitude change Target Audience: Uncommitted Listeners – undecided Filled in and attached p. 31 Topic: The vortex of toxic plastics in the North Pacific Gyre. Specific Purpose: To persuade my fellow classmates that there are several ways to reduce the amount of  plastics that end up in both our bodies and our eco-system. Thematic Statement: Something as simple as recycling the plastics we use can have a drastic impact on our  lives and the environment. I. Introduction A. Attention Getter: Imagine yourself a hungry little fish swimming around for food, you finally stumble upon  what seems to be fish eggs and you consume your feast. You soon realize that those weren’t fish eggs but tiny  plastic pellets, that you are unable to breakdown in your tiny fish stomach. A couple days later you die of  starvation. B. Sources C. Preview Purpose and Content: I want my audience to realize the impact plastics have on our bodies and the environment. 1) The problem is massive consumption/disposal of plastics gathering in the North Pacific Gyre. 2) The solution is recycling or finding suitable alternatives to plastics. Transition: Everybody’s plastic, but I love plastic. I want to be plastic.” This Andy Warhol quote II. Body Main Point #1 1. Due to our massive consumption of plastics, we are now faced with a swirling vortex of garbage twice the size of Texas in the North Pacific Gyre. 2.
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Speech 3 outline - Name: Jason Price Class Time: W...

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